In ancient times the Romans were already aware of the use of this particular substance for the treatment of gastro intestinal disorders ... as we know, the surprising properties of skin regeneration were exploited by ingesting live animals which, it was thought, brought benefits to the internal lacerations of gastric tissue (gastritis, hernias, ulcers, etc.) As well as for these purposes they were also used, again for their precious secretion, for the treatment of altered states of respiratory conditions, naturally they were already known, in any case and appreciated for the incomparable dermatological uses of both the prevention of imperfections and the recovery of physiological alterations with undoubted aesthetic result.

The chemical composition is an incomparable set of beneficial substances fully suited to the conformation of the human dermis: Allantoin for about 0.4% Collagen for about 0.2% Lactic and glycolic acids for about 0.1% and then glycine, proline, glutamic acid up to having a precious composition for the recovery of the physiological balance of the skin. Clinical studies already showed 50 years ago a significant reduction in the recovery time from burns, wounds, also preventing the formation of scars, with skin regeneration times decidedly accelerated compared to normal and with lightening effects on the scars of sutures, excoriations, lesions etc. Finally, glycolic and lactic acids contribute to restoring normal cellular hydration, giving the surface its shine and elasticity, preventing and, if necessary, significantly reducing the presence of stretch marks due to childbirth, diet, etc.